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St George's University of London

The UK’s only dedicated medicine and health sciences university, St George’s University of London (SGUL) launches the George’s Skills and Recognition Award to support their students in getting involved in extra-curricular activities and boosting their employability skills.

Whatever career path a student is aiming to take after they graduate, the George’s Skills and Recognition Award supports St George’s students in building long-term transferable skills through a range of extra-curricular activities, both on campus, within their own community or through a part-time job.  As the learning technology partner for both the Award and wider University, MyKnowledgeMap is proud to be supporting the Award scheme with their Digital Portfolio platform,

Via our Canvas integration (learn more about our integration here), St George’s students register for the Award and use to submit evidence of their extra-curricular activities and skills against each of the George’s Awards Digital Skills Badges.  The George’s Award Digital Badges recognise skills such as:

1.    Innovation & Creativity

2.    Planning & Organisation

3.    Management

4.    Problem Solving

5.    Numeracy

6.    Research and Investigation

7.    Interpersonal Skills

8.    Teamwork

9.    Leadership

10. Communication

11. Digital Literacy


To be awarded a Digital Skills Badge, each student needs to complete a STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) form and include the form alongside evidence demonstrating the skill in an online presentation known as a Showcase within Once they’ve submitted their Showcase, the student is then automatically awarded the Digital Skills Badge within their Digital Portfolio.  Once a student completes at least 7 out of the 11 Digital Skills Badges, they automatically receive the George’s Skills and Recognition Award, and once they complete all 11, they will receive the Skills Master Badge. has a lot of great functionality and the Skills and Recognition Award is only a small part.  It's going to be exciting to see how the Award Scheme grows and our relationship with along with it.

- Fran Hardy-Phillips, Student Experience Coordinator at St George's University of London

Through using, students not only take part in the Award scheme, but they are also able to take away their complete Digital Portfolio, including all of their achievements and evidence for free after graduating.  In this way, St George’s students can continue to use their digital portfolio, add more learning evidence and create other Showcases, including online CV’s or resume’s to share with potential future employers and other key stakeholders for review.

We hope the new Award Scheme will be popular with the students and that they will take advantage of being able to demonstrate their skills in an innovative and creative way.  The digital portfolio which they can build alongside their studies will be a great asset to them once they graduate." - adds Fran.

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