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MyKnowledgeMap has recently worked alongside Unionlearn, the learning and skills arm of the TUC to create an offline mobile assessment app known as ‘SkillCheck’, designed to provide key learning resources for Union Learning Representatives in order for them to support workplace learners.

Unionlearn manage the Union Learning Fund (ULF) and work closely with Union Learning Representatives in the delivery of learning opportunities for workers across the country. Union Learning Representatives are instrumental in the learning and development of the workforce and over the past 12 years, over 40,000 union representatives have been trained, providing development opportunities to over 250,000 workers a year.

SkillCheck is an mobile assessment app, which works completely offline and offers multiple choice assessments for Union Learning Representatives to use to test and support union members in Mathematics, English and ICT skills. The app has proven vital for progression in the workplace, supporting workers who are disadvantaged, difficult to reach or entry level - workers who have potentially limited development opportunities as they may require more training in core skills. Union Learning Representatives are now able to easily assess these employees and gain an understanding of their skill levels, making it easier to map out future learning paths that will aid their career progression.

MyKnowledgeMap, who created the app, were selected for the project due to their extensive experience in developing easy-to-use, offline assessment tools.

Unionlearn’s Communications Officer, Yusuf Dadahboy, who manages the SkillCheck platform described it as:

A fun and exciting tool which both supports workers in taking those first steps, but also provides a flexible platform for Union Learning Representatives to create new assessments and provide effective support.”

Speaking about the key benefits of using the platform, Yusuf also commented that,

The technical expertise and support from MyKnowledgeMap was essential in developing a valuable online assessment tool for giving learners the confidence to take their first steps on their learning journey.

The app is completely flexible allowing Unions to access the app anytime, anywhere, build and deploy their own assessments, and issue badges. Offline access to the platform means that Union Learning Representatives, who may offer training over lunch breaks or remotely where WiFi can be difficult to access, can maximise the amount of potential learning opportunities for workers. The recent addition of Open Badges has proved a great way to maintain engagement with learners, as they will have a valid credential to demonstrate their skills in the three core subjects.

SkillCheck has also recently adopted, a digital badging platform from MyKnowledgeMap. The added functionality allows digital badges to be awarded to a user for completing their assessments, and within the first few weeks over 1,250 digital badges have been issued to union members.

Learn more about Unionlearn

Unionlearn is the learning and skills organisation of the Trades Union Congress (TUC). Unionlearn works to assist unions in the delivery of learning opportunities for their members, as well as managing the Union Learning Fund (ULF).

Learn more about the SkillCheck platform at 

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