Tools for the community

We believe in enabling individuals to learn and develop throughout their lives, taking their achievements with them to share and showcase, wherever they are on life's journey. And we've created free tools to help make it happen.

We believe that it should be easier for people to get recognition for the skills that they learn. We believe that it should be easier for people to showcase their credentials using modern online tools, so that people can knit together the things they've done and the things they know to tell compelling stories.

To this end, we created the free Open Badge Designer, an open-access image creator from MyKnowledgeMap to support all of your Open Badge building needs.

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Mapping out the skills, knowledge and capability that people need in order to perform and progress is an incredibly powerful tool. It's core to what we do (the company name is a clue!) and if done right, it allows organisations to create a shared understanding of competence or success, and allows you to give better feedback and plan learning and training more effectively. We've created a free tool that makes it easier to create, manage, visualise and share frameworks, and to do clever things with them.

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Go to is simply the most powerful solution for showcasing your achievements and capability. And it's free for individuals to use. Free for life!

We've been working in the eportfolio space for a long time, and had found that the limitation of many solutions was that they had been designed as institutional systems. The needs of the individual took second place.

We've developed a personal showcasing tool,, which is free for individuals for life.