Tailored Apprenticeship Delivery Service (with a touch of CLASS)

Changing landscapes and new opportunities

Apprenticeships are now becoming much more relevant to both employers and training providers. We are seeing much more emphasis on employer involvement, new funding rules, new apprenticeship standards and much more emphasis on evidencing the holistic capability of apprenticeship including both technical and soft skills.

A modern eportfolio is now centre stage.

Our tailored apprenticeship delivery combines our well proven and powerful digital portfolio system, Myshowcase.me and its unique web services architecture with a range of other learning components and our technical design and integration service for delivery of a totally tailored apprenticeship delivery service for both employers and for training providers.

  • Capture evidence and activity using your learner’s regular digital tools
  • Integrate into your organisations existing systems with our powerful APIs
  • Leverage mobile devices to best effect
  • Optional extras can include digital badges, mobile observational assessment, and workplace competency management
  • Can even include full training centre management functionality if required
  • No longer just a box ticking exercise


A Touch of CLASS – Customisable Learning Asset Support Service.

For many years we have been building powerful re-usable learning component and combining and extending them within important large scale bespoke client implementations. We can now quickly and cost effectively build bespoke client learning systems covering a wide range of learning requirement.

  • Faster and more reliable than building purely new systems from scratch
  • Much more flexible than a standard fixed function product
  • Combined with proven experience of working with clients to deliver great tailored solutions


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