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University of Hertfordshire rolls out MyProgress for Teacher Education

MyKnowledgeMap began working with the University of Hertfordshire back in 2021, providing the MyProgress eportfolio to its nursing students. Beyond medicine and health disciplines, MyProgress now also supports Teacher Education at the University of Hertfordshire. The University of Hertfordshire is ranked 11th for Education (Guardian University Guide 2022), and Education and Teaching is ranked in the top 10% for overall student positivity (2023 National Student Survey). As well as demonstrating teaching styles, the programmes also see learners do school-based training throughout their degree. Students spend a minimum of 120 days working in schools to gain practical experience while developing a diverse range of skills and expanding their knowledge. During this time, students need to complete assessments and reflections using MyProgress. 

MyProgress ePortfolio for Teacher Training

In this instance, MyProgress has been configured to support student teachers, mentors, and University of Hertfordshire tutors as they work in partnership to train the next generation of teachers. Each student’s MyProgress eportfolio contains information about their programme and the assessment forms they need to complete, organised to reflect their programme (by year, and by stage) for ease of use. 

MyProgress ePortfolio for Teacher Training

Mentors and tutors allocated to each student will have access to their eportfolios and the ability to complete assessment forms. 

The user-friendly MyProgress interface ensures it’s easy to use, and is clear for a student to see what has yet to be completed. The mobile app works offline, so there’s no interruption even in challenging environments such as prisons. The intuitive design allows busy mentors to leave feedback quickly, with speech-to-text functionality for ease. 

MyProgress enables HEIs to evaluate and monitor a student's progress through school-based training feedback and assessments over a period of time. These assessments collectively provide a comprehensive evaluation of a student's performance. MyProgress can support any workplace-based assessment and includes the ability to author your own assessment forms.   

The MyProgress dashboard shows engagement at programme level and gives faculty staff instant visibility of student progress and unlocks actionable insights; if a student is struggling, support can be tailored accordingly. This has also proven to help reduce attrition rates.  

MyKnowledgeMap’s MyProgress eportfolio and assessment solution has won various international awards and in 2020 was shortlisted by the Times Higher Education Supplement for “Digital Innovation of the Year”.

If you would like to discuss how MyProgress would benefit your higher education programme, then please contact us by email at:     

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