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The MyProgress Welsh Language Initiative

On Monday 29th January the MyKnowledgeMap team hosted an online event with six universities that teach in Welsh. The event was the next stage of a project to explore how MyKnowledgeMap’s eportfolio, MyProgress, supports learners, practice staff, and academics in Welsh. MyKnowledgeMap is eager to promote Welsh by making it easier for Welsh speakers to interact with MyProgress in their preferred language. 

A number of people represented each of the six institutions, with job roles ranging from Welsh language promoters to programme managers, and lecturers from Nursing, Midwifery, Health, and Social Work. This gave us useful insight into many stakeholders' perspectives and awareness of the particular needs within different academic disciplines. Their input is crucial in understanding the specific requirements and challenges faced by students and educators in these fields. 

MyProgress is designed to assist learners in tracking their academic progress and achievements, which is particularly useful in practice-oriented fields. Currently, MyProgress allows learners at institutions that offer learning in Welsh to toggle between English and Welsh when completing assessment forms. This feature enables students and educators to learn, reflect, and be assessed in either English or Welsh. 

MyProgress ePortfolio Welsh Language Support

By collaborating closely with these six universities, the MyKnowledgeMap aims to gain deeper insights into the specific needs of Welsh speakers learning in practice and how MyProgress can be further developed to meet these needs more effectively, further elevating the experience for Welsh speakers. 

MyKnowledgeMap's Welsh initiative is a proactive demonstration of our commitment to inclusivity and linguistic diversity, and the engagement with these universities is a long-standing relationship of collaboration. MyKnowledgeMap uses the feedback and insights gathered to enhance MyProgress and the user interface for easier navigation in Welsh.

Overall, this project highlights the importance of language-sensitive technology solutions in the education sector. By focusing on the needs of Welsh speakers, MyKnowledgeMap is contributing to the preservation and promotion of the Welsh language in academic and professional contexts. We look forward to bringing you an update soon! 

For more information about how MyProgress could support your learners, please contact us or book a demonstration here. 

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