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The Institute of Leadership & Management Build Essential Member Engagement with Digital Credentials

The Institute of Leadership and Management are a professional body that provides expertise in the field of leadership. Continually researching into skills, knowledge, and values of leadership, the Institute of Leadership and Management are committed to shaping leadership and being the front runners of inspiring great leadership.

Adopting, The Institute of Leadership and Management have created a digital credentialing program to issue credentials to new and existing members. Initially adopting digital credentials to use for members only, the success and interest has led to The Institute of Leadership and Management incorporating them into their online learning courses called “MyLeadership” as well. These digital credentials have been introduced to give members visual recognition of their membership status and commitment to leadership, whilst also encouraging engagement among new members and inciting new member sign ups.

Members of The Institute of Leadership and Management can share their digital credentials within their community, social media connections, and on their websites. By doing this, the members are enhancing their credibility and visibility among potential clients and recruiters. As the digital credentials contain information about The Institute of Leadership and Management, each share is increasing the brands awareness to potentially bring in more members.

The Institute of Leadership and Management also offer digital credentials upon completion of their online bite-size learning courses. Their award-winning eLearning platform, MyLeadership, provides the opportunity for learners to engage with tailored courses to improve key leadership skills in an accessible way and earn recognition as they learn. The digital credentials here offer a unique incentive for learners to sign up as they receive a verified credential which they can share online and even submit as part of a job application.

The credentials in the MyLeadership courses are issued automatically when learners complete the online tests and assessments, making the process seamless for both staff and learners.

Once issued, the credentials are then shared on social media channels such as LinkedIn, where they can also be added to the recipient’s profile. Each credential contains the criteria that the member or learner has demonstrated to achieve the award from the Institute of Leadership and Management. The criteria within the credentials includes direct links to The Institute of Leadership Managements website, making the credentials a direct method of bringing in interest from new members.

We are proud to be one of the first membership bodies to use digital credentials in this way for our professional members, who responded really well to the launch. It created an instant buzz on LinkedIn and other platforms with members sharing their credential, gaining recognition in their communities, and providing profile for our brand. We see the potential to add value for all our customers in future by including credentials in other products and developments." - Head of Product Service and Delivery, Janet Payne.

To learn more about the work that The Institute of Leadership and Management do and what they offer for members and learners, please visit their website at

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