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Showcasing the MyProgress ePortfolio at the RCN Education Forum

This year’s RCN Education Forum proved to be an exciting and informative event, with the MyKnowledgeMap team showcasing the innovative MyProgress ePortfolio system. For those in the nursing and midwifery education sectors, this event was a splendid opportunity to explore how technology is driving changes in training and professional development. Here’s an insight into what MyProgress is and how it was received at the forum. 

What is the MyProgress ePortfolio? 

The MyProgress ePortfolio is a powerful mobile assessment tool designed to support students in medical, nursing, and healthcare education. Developed by MyKnowledgeMap, a leading provider of digital education tools and solutions, MyProgress offers a robust platform for students to record their clinical assessments securely and efficiently. One of the platform’s standout features is its ability to function offline, allowing students to record their experiences in real-time, even in environments where internet access is unreliable. 

Why MyProgress Matters in Nursing and Healthcare Education 

The role of technology in enhancing educational experiences cannot be overstated, particularly in fields as critical as nursing and healthcare. The MyProgress ePortfolio addresses several key challenges: 

Real-Time Feedback: It allows educators and mentors to give timely feedback on students' performance, which is crucial for their growth and confidence in clinical settings. 

Comprehensive Record Keeping: Students can track their learning journey, providing a detailed history of their skills development and clinical experiences. This is invaluable during job searches or further education applications. 

Accessibility and Flexibility: The offline functionality means that learning and assessment don’t have to pause. Students can make entries from any location, ensuring continuous learning and assessment capabilities. 

Highlights from the RCN Education Forum 

At the forum, the MyKnowledgeMap team demonstrated how MyProgress is tailored specifically to meet the needs of nursing and healthcare students. The team ran live demonstrations, showing how the ePortfolio operates, including how to complete an assessment and reflection, how practice educators can review these entries, and how the data can be used to demonstrate learning and progress. 

Visitors to the MyKnowledgeMap stand were predominantly practice educators and academic educators. Many were particularly impressed with the user-friendly interface and the specificity with which MyProgress caters to the healthcare sector. Discussions centred around preceptorship, integration with existing institutional systems, security features, and scalability options, addressing institutions of various sizes and needs. 

User Feedback and Testimonials 

Feedback from current users was a highlight at the exhibition. Several educators and students shared their positive experiences with MyProgress, noting the intuitive user interface, at-a-glance dashboards, and excellent customer support. The most highly regarded feature was the ability to see a consolidated view of their progress and competencies, in turn helping students self-assess and plan their learning journeys more effectively. 

MyProgress ePortfolio dashboard

Buckinghamshire New University 

Buckinghamshire New University uses the MyProgress ePortfolio to support its Nursing, Nursing Associates, and Midwifery programmes. Euthan Newman, Marie Newman, and Helen Ayo-Ajayi from the university’s School of Nursing and Midwifery gave a presentation on ‘The use of ePADs on placement: Experiences of nursing students’.

The presentation looked at how 15 students were faring with their initial use of the MyProgress Electronic Practice Assessment Document (ePAD) and to identify meanings students attributed around the use of the technology. The presentation went on to explore ways of improving the experiences of student nurses while using the ePAD on placement, and determine what further research can be undertaken in order to improve the implementation of ePAD use on placement.

Looking Forward 

The MyKnowledgeMap team gathered invaluable insights and feedback from forum attendees, which will be used to further improve MyProgress. As the healthcare education landscape evolves, tools like the MyProgress ePortfolio will be pivotal in shaping how education is delivered and assessed. 

The RCN Education Forum not only highlighted the potential of MyProgress to enhance nursing and healthcare education but also reinforced MyKnowledgeMap’s commitment to advancing education through innovative technology. For more information about MyProgress and how it can support your programme, visit the MyKnowledgeMap website or contact the team directly by email: 

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