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MyProgress to Support SCPHN Programmes

MyKnowledgeMap is thrilled to announce its workplace-based assessment and e-portfolio tool, MyProgress, is being rolled out to support new SCPHN programmes throughout the Pan London group of universities, and at institutions around the UK.


A SCPHN (Specialist Community Public Health Nurse) is a registered nurse or midwife who has completed additional training and education to specialise in public health nursing. SCPHN nurses are specialised healthcare professionals who focus on public health and provide expert care, support, and interventions to individuals, families, and communities. Their work encompasses various domains, including health visiting, school nursing, and occupational health nursing, with the common goal of promoting health and well-being for the individuals, communities and populations they serve.

The NMC published new standards of proficiency for SCPHNs in July 2022. The standards of proficiency provide a framework for the knowledge, skills, and attributes that SCPHNs should possess to practice safely and effectively in their role. Nurses and midwives who take an approved SCPHN programme, and achieve the standards of proficiency, will join the SCPHN part of the NMC register. The introduction of the new standards requires all institutions with SCPHN programmes to obtain programme reapproval from the NMC for programmes starting no later than September 2024.

The project

MyKnowledgeMap was delighted to work collaboratively with the Pan London universities to develop the new practice assessment tool for SCPHN on a project funded by Health Education England (HEE) London region and based on our MyProgress tool. This builds on our existing relationship and experience with the Pan London group of universities, already supporting them with their pre-registration nursing, nursing associate and midwifery programmes on a shared platform.

Kathy Wilson, Chair, Pan London Practice Learning Group, commented:

On behalf of the PLPLG, I was very happy to support Pan London colleagues with the development of their new SCPHN ePAD/PAD. This has been a very positive and collaborative initiative that builds on the successful implementation of the MyProgress ePAD for Nursing and Nursing Associates and the eMORA for Midwifery. Having a shared document has created significant benefits for students and practice staff across London, strengthening relationships and enhancing learning and assessment processes.

During spring/summer 2023, MyKnowledgeMap supported a series of workshops with HEI programme leads to design an ePAD to meet the needs of the new programme. The developed ePAD has now been tested with practice partners and has been submitted to the NMC as part of an approval process by one of the Pan London universities.

After seeing a demonstration of the emerging ePAD in July, Anne Trotter, Assistant Director for Education and Standards at the NMC said:

I was very pleased to meet with Pan London HEI colleagues recently and see a demo of the new Pan London SCPHN ePAD that is under development and designed to support the new SCPHN standards of proficiency. The commitment to the project and productive collaboration of colleagues, including representatives of HEIs elsewhere in England and Northern Ireland, was clear to see.


How it works

The postgraduate, one-year full time SCPHN programme is made up of three learning periods. During each learning period, students must complete a learning and assessment cycle, including: self-assessment, learning agreement, formative assessment and a summative assessment. Students will gather evidence of learning and experience and reflect on their progress. Students and staff are guided through this process by the ePAD flow, use of deadline dates, reminders and calendar features.

MyProgress for SCPHN programmes

Students can view their progress, see what assessments they have left to complete, gather instant feedback, and communicate with educators.

MyProgress offline functionality

With offline functionality on mobile devices where needed.

To achieve the standards of proficiency required to join the NMC register, students must be able to provide evidence of their skill against the learning framework. The MyProgress mapping feature supports the learning framework, with the set of NMC SCPHN proficiencies. The framework is available to people completing and reviewing forms, who are able to cross-reference or ‘map’ them to the proficiencies that make up the framework. This enables students to demonstrate that they meet the NMC’s required proficiencies, and the Practice Assessor to sign this off or give feedback on their achievement. Progress views allow you to visualise evidence and progress against the framework.

MyProgress Progress View

Students and practice staff can use the framework mapping tool to evidence and sign off the achievement of proficiencies.

MyProgress progress analytics

Faculty staff and practice leads can see real-time student performance and progress analytics, visibility of where a student or an entire cohort is on their learning journey, using the dashboard feature.

Capture practice hours with MyProgress

And MyProgress enables students to capture practice hours easily.

As a bonus, any institutions that have been accredited for UNICEF’s Baby Friendly Initiative will be able to benefit from the SCPHN Health Visitor ePAD extension for the forms required to capture the additional student learning and achievement.


Looking forward

We eagerly await the outcome of the NMC QA process for the new SCPHN ePAD later this year. In the meantime, the Pan London group are already looking to use the SCPHN ePAD as the basis for other post-registration nursing programmes, such as District Nurse.


If you would like to learn more about how MyProgress could support your medicine or healthcare programme, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us at:  

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