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MyProgress for Veterinary Medicine

Undergraduate degrees in Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Science from UK universities are accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). These programmes typically last for five or six years and involve a combination of classroom lectures, laboratory work, and clinical experience. 

As part of their undergraduate university education, aspiring veterinarians in the UK are required to gain practical experience working with animals under the supervision of a registered veterinarian. This typically involves completing a period of clinical workplace-based training, where clinicians educate with the patient and students together, before students can practice independently.  

As with medicine and healthcare education, veterinary science education is also moving away from didactic lectures towards a more blended learning approach – more self-directive learning and reflective learning, and utilising electronic delivery techniques to help students learn on their own. 

MyProgress for Veterinary Medicine/Science

During clinical workplace-based training, assessments and feedback are collected to evidence a student’s progress and competency. This evidence used to be collected on paper, but AEIs are shifting to using digital solutions. MyProgress is a SaaS solution that helps students to collect and evidence their clinical experience, and AEIs to see how students are progressing. 

MyProgress supports the assessment of students when they are out in distributed placements as well as on intramural placements. MyProgress has unique features that make it ideal for supporting students on their extramural studies and when learning in remote locations away from the vet school.

MyProgress for Veterinary Medicine

MyProgress has a user-friendly interface and offers distinct dashboards tailored to learners, practice staff, and faculty members. Its appearance and functionality adapt according to the user's role.  


  • View their progress in their app/web dashboard  
  • See what assessments they have left to complete 
  • MyProgress functions offline on mobile devices   
  • Receive instant feedback and communication directly to their phone 

Practice Staff: 

  • Can give feedback quickly when students are with a patient 
  • Mentors can view analytics 
  • Speech-to-text functionality when giving feedback 
  • Can leave in the moment, accurate, relevant feedback 

Faculty Staff: 

  • Real-time student performance and progress analytics 
  • Visibility of where a student or an entire cohort is on their learning journey 
  • Customisable reporting and analytics 

The real-time student performance analytics and instant communication help to reduce student attrition rate as they facilitate early intervention and tailored learning. 

MyProgress for Veterinary Medicine

MyKnowledgeMap is proud to provide its MyProgress solution to a number of AEIs for their Veterinary Medicine/Science programmes, including University of Bristol, The University of Edinburgh, University of Nottingham, and The University of Queensland in Australia. 

If you would like to learn more about how MyProgress could support your Veterinary Medicine/Science programme, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us at:  

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