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Myprogress for Nursing

MyKnowledgeMap’s industry leading and trusted e-portfolio and workplace-based assessment tool, Myprogress, supports approved education institutions (AEIs) in delivering their pre-registration nursing programmes in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Standards.  

The NMC Standards for nursing education in the UK ensure that student nurses receive a high-quality education that prepares them for safe, effective, and compassionate practice as registered nurses. A core part of a student’s nursing programme is the practice experience, supported by the Practice Assessment Document, or PAD. Myprogress supports all the UK regions’ versions of the PAD. 

In the UK, there are specific standards for student supervision and assessment (SSSA) in nursing that are set out by the NMC. They include things like standards for the assessment of student nurses’ clinical practice, which must be fair, objective, and evidence based. Assessment methods can include direct observation, reflective accounts, and feedback from patients and colleagues. All of these requirements are supported by Myprogress. 

Myprogress has been specifically created to support the challenges and complexity of Nursing programmes and with direction, co-design and input from a number of nursing schools.

The Myprogress dashboard alters according to the user; the appearance and functionality changes according to whether it’s being used by a learner, practice staff, or faculty staff. 

The Learner 

When a learner opens their Myprogress app, they see an overview of their programme, and the number of hours they have accrued in practice. Placement tracking ensures they get a ‘current’ view of assessments to be completed. Being aware of which assessments are outstanding and what documentation needs to be completed puts the onus on the learner to find an appropriate opportunity for assessment.  

Myprogress for Nursing

The user-friendly interface makes it simple for learners to capture practice hours, as shown here. 

Capture Practice Hours with Myprogress

Practice Staff 

In a move away from the more traditional style of nursing education, where as much evidence as possible was generated, now the focus is on enhancing learning opportunities and enabling the student to get the most out of clinical practice placements. Capturing moments for assessment shouldn’t intrude on the student’s focus or time with a patient, so Myprogress has been designed to be as simple as possible for Practice Assessors to use in the heat of the moment while maintaining integrity. Practice Assessors and Supervisors create an account and can then securely signoff on assessments with one click. 

Practice Staff dashboard of Myprogress

Myprogress works offline, so you can carry out workplace-based assessments anytime, anywhere without interrupting the quality of the assessment. 

Faculty Staff 

An Academic’s dashboard displays the progress of an individual learner or an entire cohort. The data is interpreted visually, so staff can quickly see if a learner is struggling. This facilitates early intervention and has proven to help reduce attrition rates.

Specific support for Academic Assessors and Personal Tutors is offered.

Myprogress academics' view

MyKnowledgeMap’s Myprogress offers unrivalled expertise in practice-based learning and assessment technology and is now used by approximately 50% of UK Nursing students, and an increasing number in Australia, Singapore, USA and Europe. It is also the supplier to the UK General Medical Council for their PLAB examinations including the OSCE. 

The Myprogress solution has won various international awards and in 2020 was shortlisted by the Times Higher Education Supplement for “Digital Innovation of the Year”. 

If you would like to have a demonstration of Myprogress, or would like to discuss your ePAD project with us then please get in touch at 

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