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Myprogress for Midwifery

As the world turns to digital solutions, healthcare settings and universities are no exception. A core part of midwifery education in the UK is the MORA (Midwifery Ongoing Record of Achievement) in England and Northern Ireland, and MPAD (Midwifery Practice Assessment Document) in Wales and Scotland, for which electronic solutions are now in use by a rapidly growing number of institutions. 

To support AEIs delivering the courses, MyKnowledgeMap’s Myprogress has been developed specifically to support the challenges and complexity of Midwifery programmes with direction, co-design and input from a number of AEIs in order to ensure student midwives meet the NMC’s Standards.

Myprogress is an electronic assessment and portfolio app for smartphones and tablets, and web tool, that enables students to evidence and get signed off on the required proficiencies. It supports the English and Northern Irish eMORA, and the Welsh and Scottish eMPADs. Myprogress records a student’s practice episode records, learning progress, and achievement of proficiencies and skills throughout practice placements.  

These practice episode records and assessments are crucial to demonstrate that a midwifery student meets the NMC’s Standards and can practise safely and effectively so that, on registration, they can assume full responsibility and accountability for their practice as a midwife.  

Myprogress works offline, so you can carry out workplace-based assessments anytime, anywhere without interrupting the quality of the assessment. 

To be as user friendly as possible, Myprogress has different dashboards according to the user: 

Learner's Dashboard

The Learner’s individual dashboard shows how many of the required hours they have completed and includes all practice documentation and assessments that reflect the programme they are on. It gives clear counts of births and examinations a student has recorded. This gives a comprehensive record of the student’s professional development and performance in practice. 

Myprogress for Midwifery

Placement tracking ensures users get a ‘current’ view of assessments to be completed. 

When an opportunity arises for the student to be assessed or signed off in practice, they simply open the relevant proficiency/assessment on their mobile device and hand it over to the Practice Assessor.  

Midwifery Myprogress

Myprogress ensures it’s quick and easy for students to log their practice hours.

Logging practice hours


Practice Staff Dashboard

Practice Assessors can carry out assessments on learners with ease in the heat of the moment with a patient thanks to the user-friendly interface and can give feedback simply thanks to compatibility with speech-to-text. Practice Assessors and Supervisors are able to create their own account in a few seconds and can view their students' progress, forms, practice hours and more. Myprogress gives the opportunity for practice staff to securely comment on and assess student work and facilitates communication. Everything works offline, so there’s no need to worry about internet connection. 

Myprogress records a student’s practice episode records


Faculty Staff Dashboard

Faculty Staff can view customisable analytics that show the performance and progress of an individual learner or an entire cohort. This gives them the ability to spot students struggling and enables them to intervene in a timely manner when needed. 

Academic's view

“The eMORA really reflects the student journey extremely well. One of the key features is the student’s ability to gather reflections about day-to-day practice. The eMORA encourages reflection from not only the student but it is great for capturing feedback from women too. From a lecturer perspective, MyKnowledgeMap continually strive to address our needs – so, being able to run reports on a student’s progress or visualise their progress through table views has really improved our ability to track and support students effectively” 

Clare Hughes, Senior Lecturer, SFHEA, Programme Lead MSc Midwifery, School of Nursing & Midwifery at Queen’s University Belfast. 


MyKnowledgeMap’s Myprogress offers unrivalled expertise in practice-based learning and assessment technology and is now used by approximately 50% of UK Nursing students, and an increasing number in Australia, Singapore, USA and Europe. It is also the supplier to the UK General Medical Council for their PLAB examinations including the OSCE. 

The Myprogress solution has won various international awards and in 2020 was shortlisted by the Times Higher Education Supplement for “Digital Innovation of the Year”. 

If you would like to have a demonstration of Myprogress, or would like to discuss your eMORA project with us then please get in touch at 

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