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MyKnowledgeMap are part of new task force consortium to help revitalise high streets and town centres.

MyKnowledgeMap, creators of Myprogress, a world-leading mobile platform for workplace-based assessment, have been working with QuantumIT to develop an integration with InPlace that will save on valuable administration time for Myprogress and InPlace users worldwide.

InPlace is a best-of-breed Placement Management Solution, designed to support all users (University, Employers and Students) in a single fully integrated system showing a consistent and current view of all placement related activity.  Now integrated with Myprogress, InPlace users will be able to automatically create organisational and user groups (‘attachments’) in Myprogress based on the live placement data in InPlace.   As user groups are created on the fly based on placement rotations, this will not only save valuable administration time, but will also ease the deployment of assessments to the Myprogress offline mobile app as the groups are managed live in the system. 

“We take great pride in our continuing work to support our Myprogress users worldwide and develop the platform to not only better meet the needs of our customers, but make their day to day working lives easier.” Says Adam Doyle, Managing Director at MyKnowledgeMap, “By working with QuantumIT and developing out the InPlace Software integration, we look forward to offering better support for our joint users”   

For Myprogress and InPlace users, this integration is now available and if you would like further information, or a demonstration, please get in touch with us. 


About InPlace by QuantumIT 

Developed using the latest software technology by QuantumIT, InPlace is a web-based solution that connects students with the workplace through easy-to-use and flexible management software for all Disciplines. InPlace supports all users in a single fully integrated system showing a consistent and current view of all placement related activity. 

“InPlace clients can be assured that with QuantumIT's market leading position with InPlace we continue to ensure that we integrate and innovate alongside market leaders such as MyKnowledgeMap” - Tom Davies, InPlace Operations Manager

To find out more information on InPlace Software visit their website:

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