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MyKnowledgeMap partners with microlearning app 'CuppaCare' to complete Ufi funded trials.

CuppaCare, founded by Sara Dunn Associates, developed by MyKnowledgeMap and funded by UfI, delivers ‘Sips’ of micro-learning on a range of topics such as dementia care, confidentiality and social care values, all of which are mapped to the Care Certificate Standards.

Spotting the potential

CuppaCare founder Sara Dunn first pitched the idea of the project to the UfI trust, a charity who supports innovation in vocational technology.

After many years assessing knowledge systems in health and social care, I was very aware of the potential for a simple to use, just in time knowledge service for frontline care using mobile technology. We were very lucky that Ufi could also see the potential. They have helped us develop the system from early sketches through to the fully functioning platform which MyKnowledgeMap has developed for us."

Enabling reflective learning

MyKnowledgeMap was selected to help develop the project based on their expertise of offline mobile assessment technology and mobile learning content, and their ability to deliver interactive micro-content to mobile phones. As well as providing guidance, the app has also been designed to quiz learners at the end of each module, enabling users to reflect on their learning and test their understanding. Learners are rewarded with a digital badge (learn more about micro-credentials at when they complete each Sip, which can then be shared with managers, colleagues and even across social media channels.

Since development, the app has been piloted by a range of organisations across the UK and receives a high number of weekly downloads.

So far we’ve had only positive feedback from our users. Learners love the simplicity of the app, and managers value the ability to tailor the system to individual needs, as well as develop their own micro-content" says Sara.

It’s been incredibly rewarding applying our experience of mobile assessment technology to the CuppaCare project and creating a micro learning solution that has the potential to revolutionise vocational education. We’re looking forward to see how this solution will develop in the future and hopefully become an integral support service in the sector!" says Adam Doyle, Managing Director at MyKnowledgeMap.

About CuppaCare

The CuppaCare app is a ground-breaking smartphone app for careworkers. CuppaCare guidance comes in ‘Sips’ – five-minute items on everyday care topics and tasks – which can be downloaded and used offline.

Visit to learn more.

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