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MyKnowledgeMap and Everfield Partnership

We are thrilled to bits to announce that MyKnowledgeMap has partnered with Everfield, a dedicated long-term investor and growth accelerator for software companies.

The partnership signals a long-term commitment to ensure the continuous growth of MyKnowledgeMap. The investment will enable us to fast-track the development of our cutting-edge educational tools, expand market reach, and enhance learning outcomes for students worldwide.

Our team remains the same, led by CEO Adam Doyle. MyKnowledgeMap, established in 2000, has been at the forefront of the edtech revolution, developing a suite of products that have transformed health and medicine education around the world, motivating and empowering the learner, and have helped to reduce attrition rates.

The MyKnowledgeMap family of pioneering and transformative learning software includes MyProgress and MyShowcase, which have evolved from a specialist in medical and healthcare assessment into a university wide eportfolio. 2023 alone saw 3.8 million assessment forms completed, 21 million practice hours recorded by over 110,000 learners, and 41 new programmes implemented.

OpenBadges, another software solution from MyKnowledgeMap, is a digital credentialing tool for motivating a learner and verifying their achievements.

Everfield, a long-term investor and growth accelerator devoted to mission critical, vertical software companies, will draw on its vast resources and strong network within the European tech sector to propel MyKnowledgeMap into its next phase of growth. This partnership will enhance product offerings, and support expansion into new markets, ensuring that the latest in educational technologies can reach an even broader audience.

Adam Doyle, CEO of MyKnowledgeMap, on the partnership: "Joining forces with Everfield marks a significant milestone in our journey. It's a unique opportunity to accelerate our mission in creating best-in-class learning technology for leading educational institutions and training organisations around the world. While maintaining our focus on business as usual, we will increasingly expand our impact, reach new markets, and drive forward the evolution of learning technology. This strategic direction will enable us to capitalise on new opportunities while upholding our commitment to service excellence."

Henning Schreiber, Head of Acquisitions at Everfield, shared similar optimism: "We are excited to welcome MyKnowledgeMap into our portfolio. Their visionary approach to education, combined with our expertise in scaling businesses, will ensure that they continue to lead the charge in transforming the educational landscape. Together, we're set to make a lasting impact on learners around the globe."

Nicki Berrange, Acquisitions Manager at Everfield says: “We're delighted to bring MyKnowledgeMap into the Everfield ecosystem. MyKnowledgeMap's niche expertise in healthcare e-assessment and e-portfolio platforms, combined with its seasoned team and deep expertise, aligns seamlessly with our strategic objectives, promising an exciting path ahead.”

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