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Mapping Competencies and Learning Outcomes with MyProgress

MyKnowledgeMap’s eportfolio, MyProgress, now has improved ability to demonstrate evidence of learning against learning frameworks with form mapping.

Competency mapping has historically been used in highly regulated industries such as nuclear and engineering to demonstrate compliance with accreditation standards. It is now being used more widely in education to showcase evidence of learning against learning frameworks.

Competency mapping is the ability for responses to be ‘linked' to single or multiple competencies/proficiencies that must be achieved by a learner throughout (or during part of) their course. 

The latest release of MyProgress allows administrators to create frameworks, sets of competencies, or learning outcomes. The framework is available to people completing and reviewing forms, who are able to map them to the competencies or learning outcomes that make up the framework. Progress views allow you to visualise evidence and progress against the framework.  

This will be of particular interest for those in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and midwifery, where learners must demonstrate that they meet a regulatory bodies' framework, and ensure they meet the required proficiencies when they complete their course.   

The mapping feature enables those involved with medical education to cross-reference forms to the 'Outcomes for Graduates' standards framework. For midwifery education, forms can be mapped to the Standards framework, and for pharmacy education, forms can be mapped to the 'Foundation Pharmacist' learning outcomes, and so on.

In the example below, a learner has completed two of the competencies; they can view "Evidences" to see what has been mapped and click on it to re-visit the response. 

MyProgress Mapping forms to competencies and learning outcomes

In the image below, a learner is selecting the competencies from the pharmacy framework they have demonstrated in the completed form.

MyProgress form mapping

The following image shows the learner's progress view from the point of view of their assessor. The assessor can then confirm whether the evidence meets the competency.

MyProgress form mapping

Mapping forms to competencies and learning outcomes has several benefits.

By explicitly connecting form responses to specific competencies or learning outcomes, educators ensure that the skills and knowledge being assessed are directly relevant to the intended educational outcomes.

When form responses are tied to specific competencies or learning outcomes, educators can provide feedback that is directly related to the identified areas. This targeted feedback enables students to understand their strengths and weaknesses in relation to specific competencies, empowering them to focus on areas that require further development.

Mapping competencies and learning outcomes provides valuable insights for curriculum improvement and adaptation. By analysing form responses in relation to desired competencies and learning outcomes, educators can identify patterns and trends that inform curriculum modifications. This iterative process ensures that the curriculum remains relevant and aligned with the evolving needs of students and the job market.

Mapping forms to competencies and learning outcomes allows educators to provide evidence of how they are effectively assessing and addressing the desired competencies and learning outcomes. This documentation is crucial for demonstrating compliance with accreditation standards and showcasing the institution's commitment to quality education.

In summary, mapping forms to competencies and learning outcomes for educators and learners offers benefits such as alignment with educational goals, enhanced assessment and evaluation, individualised feedback and guidance, curriculum improvement and adaptation, and demonstrating accountability and accreditation. It provides a structured and comprehensive approach to assessing and developing students' skills and knowledge, ultimately enhancing the quality of education provided by the university.


Existing customers can log in to MyKnowledgeMap’s Help Centre on Zendesk for more detailed notes on this feature. 

MyKnowledgeMap’s MyProgress e-portfolio and assessment solution is now used by approximately 50% of UK Nursing students, and an increasing number in Australia, Singapore, USA and Europe. It is also the supplier to the UK General Medical Council for their PLAB examinations including the OSCE.         

The MyProgress solution has won various international awards and in 2020 was shortlisted by the Times Higher Education Supplement for “Digital Innovation of the Year”.    

If you would like to discuss any of these new features or how MyProgress would benefit your medicine or healthcare education programme, then please contact us by email at:  

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