Unionlearn SkillCheck tool goes live

13 November, 2017

Unionlearn, the learning and skills organisation of the Trades Union Congress, have launched a new online tool powered by MyKnowledgeMap's Myprogress assessment software.

Unionlearn's new exciting upgraded initial assessment tool is launched today, using a customised version of MyKnowledgeMap's popular Myprogress assessment product. 

SkillCheck is an interactive tool that will aid learners gauge their level of understanding in a number of core areas – and help them plan future learning routes to develop skills for personal and career opportunities.

The tool has three core themes – maths, English and ICT – and the content has been developed with the support and input from a number of trade unions to ensure it helps Union Learning Reps (ULRs) give the best possible support, advice and guidance to workers looking to improve their skills.

SkillCheck is a flexible learning tool that is ideal for workplace learning centres and group learning sessions organised by ULRs – but is also accessible to individuals who might want to check what level they are currently at before approaching their rep and explore future learning options. Because it's based on Myprogress, assessments can be undertaken and managed by Union Learning Reps in remote sites using offline tablets or even smarphones, without worrying about internet connectivity. All assessments can later be synched to the server in a secure way, ensuring data is accessible to individuals and to those supporting them.

Unionlearn Director Kevin Rowan said:

SkillCheck is an initial assessment tool created by unionlearn for unions to use to help deliver learning in the workplace. SkillCheck contains three learning themes designed to help engage with learners, providing both an initial assessment and a way to encourage further learning, and the mobile access makes it unique.

Unions have always been at the forefront of supporting and encouraging workplace learning – and with SkillCheck unionlearn has developed a fun and exciting tool for taking the first step to check out your English and maths skills, as well as signposting learners to resources for further learning.

It is clear and simple to use and gives users their results straight away."

SkillCheck is available in a number of formats to allow people to use the tool at work, at home or even on the move. It can be downloaded as a custom version of the Myprogress app, or accessed through an internet browser.

To try SkillCheck go to https://www.unionlearn.org.uk/skillcheck