Ufi funds innovative APIs for evidencing lifelong learning

20 December, 2017

Ufi Charitable Trust has awarded a VocTech Seed grant to a MyKnowledgeMap-led project to open up lifelong learning portfolios so that individuals can easily evidence and showcase their achievements

Ufi Charitable Trust, a grant-funding body which supports the delivery of adult vocational skills through digital technology, has awarded funding to MyKnowledgeMap's state of the art ‘open badging’ and evidencing technology to support life-long personal and career development.

Ufi is funding MyKnowledgeMap, who are developing eportfolio and badging technology in conjunction with awarding organisations, engineering employers and other learning technology companies, to lead on the Evidence4Life project, allowing evidence of achievements, skills and training to be pushed into an individual's online portfolio space.

The project will extend an existing free lifelong evidence portfolio service, Myshowcase.me, generating an open application interface that will connect to other third-party systems who will be able to push evidence of learning achievements into an individual’s portfolio.

There is a wide diversity of 3rd party systems being used in vocational learning and to enable such systems to capture their evidence and data for storage the portfolio needs to be made “open” with freely available documented APIs. This includes an API service to support an “event” notification from an external system that can trigger badges being issued within their existing badge system. The advantage of this is that small scale achievements such as the completion of a short course, a video recording demonstrating the achievement of a particular vocational skill as well as formal qualifications can be captured. The process will also link to the generation of open badges.

More information is available on the Ufi website.