MyKnowledgeMap awarded G-Cloud government supplier framework agreement

29 May, 2017

MyKnowledgeMap are delighted to announce they have been approved as an official supplier of cloud learning software to the UK government as part of the G-Cloud 9 Digital Marketplace. This approval will streamline access to our products for our UK public sector customers.

The G-Cloud Digital Marketplace is an initiative which makes it easier for UK governement organisations to procure pre-screened cloud solutions from leading software providers. It makes the cloud procurement process more transparent and efficient.

We were selected to offer our powerful leanrning, skills and assessment solutions:

Now, public sector organisations in the UK can get up and running quickly and easily with our cloud software without the complexity and delay of a tender exercise.

Since UK Government's 'Cloud First' pledge, the marketplace has seen year-on-year growth in sales, and the addition of a leading learning technology company indicates government's commitment to skills and development.

So we're pleased to see our products feature on the Digital Marketplace - it's great news for us, for our customers in the public sector, and innovative learning and assessment in the UK!